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Play to the Crowd is an arts and education charity. Our family comprises of:

  • Theatre Royal Winchester - a beautiful middle scale heritage theatre.
  • Hat Fair - the oldest continuously operating Outdoor Arts Festival in the country.
  • Playmakers - a range of community engagement and creative learning programmes and activities.



Delight and Unite


By inspiring people to connect with and participate in live performance - both indoors and out – and by inviting them to 'escape from the ordinary' and discover a lifelong love of theatre and the arts.


We run a beautiful theatre, family-friendly festivals and community participation programmes, in and around Winchester.


We believe in

  • Bringing people together in wonder
  • The power and value of live performance
  • Nurturing talent
  • Improving lives through participation

Play to the Crowd's strategic objectives

  1. Increase the number and range of people experiencing live performance and deepen their engagement
  2. Bring communities together to share experiences, ideas and themes relevant to them
  3. Unlock creative potential, particularly of young people and emerging or local artists
  4. Offer fresh perspectives to support community cohesion and empathy
  5. Encourage laughter, thought and amazement to boost people’s joie de vivre and mental health
  6. Build a sustainable, resilient business model, working in innovative and progressive partnerships 
  7. Play a leadership role in cultural development and partnerships in Winchester, across Hampshire and beyond, helping to support place making agendas
  8. Sustain and develop our building for the benefit of residents, visitors, artists and businesses
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